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Destined from the beginning, a love that’s never-ending!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Before you were born, I knew you. I created you to be who you are today.

Your name is written in the book of life. Every detail and moment you experience is in this book. Every heartache, every joy, pain, and suffering has been for a purpose. You may not understand it now. However, you will as it unfolds, and you will see me in it.

I am in every detail of your life. Look for me, and you shall find me. When you were crying, I was crying with you. When you were scared, I was holding your hand.

My love for you is deeper than the sea’s and greater than the sand of the seashore. The love I have for you is beyond measure.

Embrace my love. Let me hold you in my arms when you feel weak; let me comfort you in the moments you feel hopeless. Know that I Am your Abba Father. Come to me who are weary, lay your cares at my feet.

I had loved you before you took your first breath and loved you in the moments you walked away.

My light was flickering while you walked in the dark so that you would see that I was there.

When you cried, Father, Father! I say I Am here! Come to me and take hold of my hand. I am your rock and shelter. I will keep you safe, my child.

I foreknew you and predestined you to be conformed in the image of my son.

I chose you. You have been called. Only a few will say yes.

My child, say yes to me, say YES! Your yes is giving me permission to use all your pain and suffering to glorify me.

When I am glorified, I am blessed. When I am blessed, you are blessed in abundance.

She said yes! She said yes!

Come; share the testimony of my love, grace, and mercies that are new each day!

Let us rejoice; my child has said YES!

The Heavens are rejoicing with gladness! Let there be a party to celebrate my child has come home!

You were, destined from the beginning, MY Love is never ending!

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1 Comment

Christy Buff
Christy Buff
Jun 27, 2022

Love this!

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